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SAP Data Extraction and Integration

Extracting data from SAP with powerful and serverless tools on AWS. Insightful value from SAP in a simple way.

SAP Support and Monitoring MSP (Managed Service Provider)

Monitoring SAP Workload in the Cloud, supporting infrastructure and improving the landscape recurrently.

SAP Lift and Shift Migration

Move the on-premise systems to the cloud. Take advantage of cloud computing and bring your SAP workload.

SAP Rise Migration and the extension for S/4HANA

Your cloud journey with RISE with SAP and your S/4HANA systems on cloud can be more effective and insightful.



Unlocking the Power of Your SAP Data...


Imagine harnessing your SAP S/4HANA data without any invasive measures, all in response to your users' specific needs. That's what we have done in LOGGI, an innovative last mile transport company, born and raised extensively digital.
The implemented architecture extracts the required data through standard SAP system APIs, and it was all accomplished without any disruption to their S/4HANA environment.
Our approach was built on cutting-edge Serverless architecture, meaning you only pay for what you use. This resulted in substantial cost savings for data extraction, significantly reduced infrastructure expenses, and an end to those hefty license costs associated with other tools.
On this case, this architectural approach was nearly 95% more cost-effective when compared to traditional approaches. It optimizes efficiency by extracting only the necessary data. Instead of copying your entire database, we only pull the required data. It's smart, lean, and focused.
The extracted data is then seamlessly transferred from SAP to an AWS data warehouse (Redshift), where it can be leveraged for generating insights using Data Analytics tools.

CAPTURED VALUES: Performance efficiency, Cost Optimization

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  • Enhanced data extraction efficiency and agility.

  • Up to 95% cost savings with Serverless architecture.

  • Deeper insights through Data Analytics with SAP data.

  • No SAP-side development required.



SAP ECC Lift and Shift Migration

The project aimed to migrate the customer's SAP ECC environments, covering development, quality, and production instances. The migration involved transferring SAP ECC instances and databases from an on-premises data center to the AWS cloud.

The process included creating and configuring a new customer account in adherence to cloud best practices. Subsequently, infrastructure elements such as VPC, Subnets, and Storage were prepared. Additionally, AWS VPNs were established to connect with the company's offices.

Beyond the ECC environments, the migration encompassed FTP and SFTP servers, which communicated with SAP, and VPNs connecting with third parties linked to FTP and SAP.

The remote project execution engaged a team proficient in AWS infrastructure and SAP. The SAP BASIS team managed the installation and configuration of instances, migration of DB2 databases to AWS, and the restoration of backups post-transfer to AWS. Following migration, collaborative efforts with the client defined Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) strategies.

CAPTURED VALUES: Performance efficiency, Operational excellence, Cost optimization.

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  • Better performance and operational excellence;

  • Flexibility and cost optimization;

  • Greater agility in implementation and the possibility of innovation.

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