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Accounts Payable

Siloed systems, rigid workflows, pressure to do more with less, and a changing supplier landscape have made AP departments and procedures more complex than ever. And it means Accounts Payable teams are still struggling with late payments, missed cash discounts, and a low touchless invoice rate.

Improve on-time payment while reducing operating costs by centralizing data across source systems, and streamlining process execution.

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Accounts Receivable

Complex customer landscapes, fragmented data systems and manual processes challenge your Accounts Receivable department and strain your working capital.

Improve free cash flow while reducing operating costs byte centralizing data across source systems, intelligently prioritizing collector actions and streamlining process execution.

Inventory Management

Unprecedented supply shortages and demand volatility call for a new approach to supply chain and inventory management.

Improve material availability, reduce operating costs, and free up working capital by analyzing material movements downstream impact in real-time and taking action based on true consumption and replenishment patterns


Order Management

Keeping up with changing customer expectations, demand swings and supply chain disruptions puts stress on your order management process.

Boost customer experience while reducing costs with Celonis Order Management solutions by gaining full visibility across all your orders, intelligently prioritizing and handling orders and streamlining execution through automation.


Every procurement department has an important mission - spending wisely to protect the company's spend and margins. The quality of your procurement processes can change the organization’s exposure to costs.

Mitigate supply risks, maximize purchasing power, and cut costs by centralizing data across source systems, intelligently prioritizing the procurement team’s actions, and streamlining process execution.


Don't just migrate your SAP ECC to S/4HANA, Transform your business

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