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“My dream is people want to work at  Numen”.

This phrase was said by Patricia Terue, entrepreneur and founder of Numen. And it's not an overstatement to say that she has been guiding the company's paths since 2009, the year when the dream of creating an IT consultancy came off the paper and became a reality.

Legado Numen

And it's been quite a journey since then.


The legacy built by her is alive in the whole company. Numen's culture, values ​​and identity were built on the pillars of hard work, humility, empathy, joy and, most important by respect with others. Patrícia passed away in 2017, however Numen's values ​​are non-negotiable points created in 2009 by her and which remain more protagonist than even more nowadays.


Always having people as a priorityboth employees and clients, the company has been growing. Along these 14 years of existence we have built (and still building) a history that makes us proud – and this would make Patrícia with the feeling of job done.  

After allwe are currently have offices in Brazilthe United States and Portugal, we have more than 4 milllion hours of projects in SAP, company wich we have a Gold Partner badge, more than 600 projects successfully performed and an extensive list of almost 80 clients who have trusted in our work and commitment.

Do you remember the first phrase at beginning of the text? It was said after Patricia received  a negative response from a candidate interviewed to be part of the company, at the beginning of Numen’s journey. Today, our founder’s dream is becoming more and more tangible. We are more than 600 employees who put on the jersey and carry forward the legacy and character of our founder, never forgetting our purpose: Make things happen, inspiring the best in people.

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